Pinata Hunter Game

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Take Your Anger out on an Elephant

Looking for something to hit with all your rage and anger? Well this elephant might just be the perfect target. It's not going anywhere either - being tied to a string makes it awfully difficult to run away from a stick that's about to hit your over and over again, poor elephant...

Pinata Hunter game is a very original whacking type game and the aim is to collect as many sweets as possible by hitting the pinata very hard. The sweets fall from the elephant and into a paper bag below. Each sweet counts as one, two or more dollars. Use these dollars to get upgrades shown below in the pinata shop!

pinata hunter game upgrades

With four more weapons to obtain, three gloves and three bags Pinata Hunter offers up plenty of fresh content for this simple anger driven game. Your hours spent whacking this Pinata will all build up to a single point of satisfaction when you get the chainsaw for one million dollars. Then you can split the Pinata open and obtain all the sweets in the world - ahhh now you can finally relax!

Watch out though, you will need to control your anger to some extent, atleast at first as you can suffer hand spasm's. The best way to combat this is to save up $40 for the first glove upgrade. This will drastically reduce the amount of spasm's you suffer allowing you to vent your anger even more frequently.