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Boot Your Office Boss Game

In this funny flash game the aim is to boot your boss as far out the window as you can. Typical of launch and distance based games such as on the first - Toss the Turtle, the further you get the boss the more points you earn to kick your boss further than last time with upgrades.

Anyone that works in an office will likely have a story to tell about their superiors, and there is always one that is more detestable than the rest who says and does things that warrant a clean, well-placed smack on the mouth. Actual violence towards your superior in the real world would result in a fairly quick dismissal, however, so your violence and aggression may be better directed toward the flash game world. My Dear Boss is the perfect outlet for your problems with authority, particularly if the authority in question is simply asking for a good kicking in various parts of the body. This launch game concerns itself with kicking your boss out of the window and recording his distance, repeating this process to earn upgrades and kick your boss even further next time. I’m sure this game will appeal to anyone that has ever had a boss in their lifetime, and even anyone that likes to hit people out of windows.

The entire crux of the gameplay revolves around an office scene viewed from the side. You are stationed in front of your boss and can kick him out of the window at any point you wish as he utters nonsensical management talk and unnecessary chidings in your general direction. To kick your boss as far as possible you must press the ‘kick’ button when the anger meter needle is in the middle section, though stopping it anywhere will still result in contact, he just won’t travel as far. You boss will then be forced through the window and bounce over the ground below, encountering objects along the way that will either slow him down or increase his distance by letting him bounce further and further. The aim is of course to get him to travel as far as possible, and you cannot do this without first upgrading your attributes.

berzerk ball launch game

My Dear Boss looks like a lite version of Berzerk Ball

That’s right, games like this always have an upgrade feature, and My Dear Boss has one that is more comprehensive than many, bordering on Berzerk Ball quantities. The upgrades are situated on a separate menu that is designed to look like an iPhone screen and includes such classics as increased kick power, better speed, milk to (somehow) make the boss bounce in a more lively fashion, and more unusual ones such as laxative that increases the chances of encounter what is hopefully dog poo along the way. Each upgrade boosts your boss’s momentum or course through the air in a beneficial way, with the final goal being to boot him all the way back to his house. Upgrades are bought with cash that you earn from each round, and can be spent in whichever way you please.

You can also visit the store to change your shoes, with each of these upgrades giving you increased stats like power and increased chance of encountering certain objects along the way like birds and protestors. There are also achievements that can be unlocked in order to provide you with quirky goals to strive for by meeting certain criteria.

My Dear Boss is a remarkably silly game but will act as a great stress reliever for office workers and violence lovers alike. The graphics aren’t exactly flashy, and the game doesn’t perform brilliantly on slower laptops, but it is everything that you expect from a launch game, with perhaps more upgrades and variety than you would have originally anticipated based on its appearance.

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