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Anger Management Web Games

We have a whole selection of funny flash browser based games to vent your anger online. Browse popular themes including those where you hit your boss and others where you walk the streets as an angry hobo taking your anger out on anyone you come across.

Whack the Demon Game: View 1
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Latest Anger Management Web Games

Play Angry Games online. We have the best Angry Games to play for browser and desktop.

Angry games is here to give you a place to vent your anger of the world through stress busting games. Whether your annoyed with someone, yourself or something else in the world the basic core emotion is the same and sometimes you just need somewhere easy to vent it.

Here is where our site comes in. Our games are aggressive but fun at the same time and will allow you to channel that negative energy out of you and into the games we offer.

Please don't try any of what you see in the games at home or on anyone in real life!

Welcome to the Ultimate Stress Busting Site

Tired? Angry? Frustrated? It is so easy to give in to these feelings, and even worse, it is much easier to suffer from the negative after-effects of being under the influence of such emotions. Fortunately for you, you have found one of the best ways for dealing with stress: virtual freak-outs! Here at Angry Games, we have compiled a series of the world's best anger management games: by letting go all out without any harmful repercussions (though we do suggest that you go a little gentler with the button clicking lest you damage your mouse).

As the Jedi Master Yoda used to say, "Hate leads to the Dark Side", and while there are no galactic conquering Sith lords out there to corrupt us, it is definitely so easy to in to the little things that make us angry in our daily lives. Problems can be solved, and solutions are always a lot more simpler than we always think. But as long as our judgment and thinking are clouded by anger, getting to that answer is pretty hard. So the best thing to do is to spend a hour or so on a bit of self-indulgence. After all, spending an hour gaming your anger away is much better than a minute of scowling and screaming at the people around you.

Choosing Your Target

Everyone has their own unique set of problems and emotional issues, but in the end, it is all mostly about finding the right amount of steam to blow off. Here at our site, we offer more than a dozen great venting games that will help you vent out that anger, and all you need to know, is to learn which one is best suited for your current mood. So now, the only question you need to answer before doing any gaming is: what are you angry about?

Whack the Creeps

An upcoming game from deadgames.co this will involve you whacking two creeps who harass you in a bar when your boyfriend goes to the toilet. There will be 19 ways to whack the creeps and the game will involve some unique game play where by you have to subdue one of the creeps before whacking the other with various bar objects. This game will be released before Whack the Serial Killer.

Hobo 5 Space Brawls: Attack of the Homeless Clones - He's homeless, hungry and wants his moves back

Our less-than-loveable practitioner of the violent vagrant arts is once again down-and-out on his luck; abducted, stripped of his moves and left to fend for himself, it’s up to you to guide him through the spaceship on which he now resides against his will in Hobo Space Brawls. Batter, spit, kick, punch and faux-pas your way through aliens and clones alike in the quest to get your moves, your dignity ,and most importantly, your planet.

Bash the Computer: For When Your Computer is Giving You Troubles

So, is your computer giving your problems? Then here is the perfect game for you to vent out that anger: Bash the Computer! This angry PC game is the perfect stress reliever to make up for all those times that the computer has chosen to crash, freeze and ultimately make you lose those important files (and not to mention the hours you spent trying to fix the problem). The angry pc game is simple, you assault a desktop computer with your fists, causing damage to the screen, the CPU, the keyboard and the mouse. Which order you want is up to you, just keep on bashing!

Pinata Hunter: When You Just Want to Hit Something

Sometimes, you just get a little peeved. Maybe no one refilled the coffee machine, or you stained your favorite tie. There are plenty of little irritants that makes us wish we could hit something, or anything. Sure, we can punch walls (or more beneficially, punching bags), but there are times when we would like to pick up a nice big bat and have a really solid swing. For those times, we recommend: Pinata Hunter (also, we recommend this to folks who enjoy bashing pinatas!). This little game is a great stress buster and more importantly, it is so distractingly fun that by the time you finish playing it, you would have forgotten what it was that was stressing you in the first place.

Whack Your Boss: A Violent Solution to Superior Troubles

For those of you slaving away at an office desk under the mercy of an ungrateful boss and have been thinking about some really harsh things to say, here is a quick picker-upper that might just help you hold your tongue to keep your job: Whack Your Angry Boss. The whack series is our favorite angry boss game that provides a huge gallery of choices that will always result in a violent end for your target. The game is quick to play and the animations are completely unpredictable. Plus, it was truly designed as a stress busting game -meaning you can load it up, play it for five minutes and still get a bit of satisfaction.

Whack Your Computer: Got All Fired Up and Still Smile at the End

Once again with angry games, we have another entry for those of you seeking a bit of vengeance on your digital tormentors. The angry PC game above is a great solution for those pesky desktop sets, but what about those of you who have been wronged by a laptop? Here is an angry office computer game that is right up your alley. Seek out various unique and creative ways to lay waste on a laptop in the office and see how the results work out great for you in the end. Of course, expect to see plenty of hardware bashing as you go all out on that evil laptop.

Whack Your Ex: Because Your Ex Deserves It

Ah, exes, the things we would all want to do to them. Too bad that there is plenty of laws and social norms that would prevent everyday folk from going all Rambo on someone, but thankfully, we have a virtual alternative for venting out some bloody violence. Whack Your Ex is the perfect angry soul mate game for those of you who have been wronged by a former significant other (for the rest of us, we just loath our exes). Do read up a little on the game to figure out which animations will get triggered by the items; the game does get a little random on whether the boyfriend or the girlfriend gets the bad end of the stick. Still, the game has plenty of violent fun to offer everyone.

Don't Whack Your Teacher: When it Takes More than an Apple a Day

Like many other games of this kind, it is very graphic. This is certainly a great stress reliever for kids, but a parent might want to test it first. "Don't Whack Your Teacher" is exactly the opposite of its title: you will whack your angry teacher, in very bloody methods too. Since the violence comes from a young kid, there is a certain feeling of darkness in this title, but if you can handle a bit of carnage, then this is a great way to live out those hurtful fantasies without actually doing something that will land you behind bars.

My Dear Boss: Time to Kick the Habit

Bosses have a way of making an employee feel dehumanized and sometimes, employees would really like to strike back. And since not all issues can be resolved with a stern letter to the HR department, you could also try venting out your anger virtually. This angry office boss game is a great launch game that lets you send your boss flying off into the sky. There are plenty of upgrade levels and watching that fat evil boss go hurtling through the skies over the metro is actually pretty fun. There is plenty of interactivity in the launches and the angry office boss game presents a neat distraction for players for an hour or so.

Bailout Bonus Beatdown: When Frustrating Finances Meets Furious Fists

Throwing a punch has never been so fun! Bring out your anger and frustrations as you knock the heck out an evil banker - not entirely evil, but really, really greedy actually. Anyway, regardless if your issues are actually business related or not, angry banker is a great game that actually takes advantage of your own issues and lets you do something fun with it. You get to bash someone's face repeatedly for 15 whole seconds. The game even keeps a score of your punches so you can actually compare you performance to a global ranking system. It is great clean fun that actually makes you feel a little relieved at the end, so this game is a highly suggested title for those of you who really need a way to calm down.

Angry Birds: Really We Have to Explain This?

If you have not heard of angry birds by now, we really do not know what else to say. Just kidding, there are still plenty of folks who do not know that the game is a great way to release some stress. Before you skip on this little over-famous entry, you might want to know that firing colored birds from a slingshot into structures in order to kill pigs is actually pretty fun and stupidly funny (because honestly, trying to put logic into the whole scenario might drive you mad). As pointless as the concept may seem, the actual physics of the game is quite impressive, from the various trajectories and ways that various structural material react, you will find yourself immersed in the pig-killing puzzle that is Angry Birds within minutes of playing the game.

Ninja: Because Even the Shadows Get Angry Too

If mirroring your daily life is a little too frustrating and lacks the distraction factor you are looking for in a game, then why not try Ninja? A side scrolling beat-them-up game that lets you slice and dice your way through hordes of faceless, nameless baddies. The art is simple and the gameplay is basic, but in between, you get to enjoy gratuitous amounts of gore and violence. One thing we will tell you however, is that this game is more than just a stress reliever, it is also a pretty decent challenge for most casual players. If you have the time to spare, then angry ninja is one stress relieving adventure you might want to take part in.

Rage 3: Stickmen just got serious

If you're looking for a game where you can roam around aimlessly wielding excessively gruesome and unnecessarily brutal weapons, then 'Rage 3' may just be your cup of premium-brand loose tea. Take control of a stickman as you shoot, slice, rage, burn and battle your way through an adventure mode of challenges or an arcade mode of increasing difficulty bordering on the persuasively impossible. Your disappointment will be minimal and your boredom will all but disappear as you work your way through the four challenging areas in adventure mode, barely having the chance to stop for a cup of tea or to wipe the blood from your blade for all the relentless action.

Smacky: When Your Friends Just Do Not Get It

Friends, they are always there when you need them, and also when you do not. It is a tough thing to balance friendships when you have your hands full with issues and your priorities are all messed up. They mean well and you do not want to lose them, but there are moments when you also really hate them. Since we do not want you to lose your friends, here is a nice little angry squirrel game that lets you deal out some pain on those overzealous do gooders who should just mind their own business. Smacky the squirrel is a great fun game with simple controls, a delightful storyline, and enough violent and sarcastic humor to help soothe the meanest things that are crossing our minds.

The Hobo Series: Several Games of Homeless Mayhem

From the prison and into outer space, the angry hobo series lets you take control of a single angry homeless man and see how far anger can really drive a person. Expect to employ a wide variety of weapons, both standard and unorthodox, as you beat your way through 5 games of senselessly violent ass-kicking action. The only drawback to this game is that you will want to play on a slightly faster computer as the game does require some processing resources. Most netbooks will slow down with these games so we really discourage those playing on netbooks from trying the Hobo series. Aside from that, the game is easy to play, has great enemy AI and is actually satisfying to finish.

Zombie Exploder: Bordering Hardcore Fun for Anger Management

The graphics, gameplay and overall delivery of Zombie Exploder has us tipping our hats to the developers behind this angry game. This impressive little browser game will have you utilizing your mouse for melee combat mechanics that is actually to play. Your cursor determines the position and direction of your attack while you use the keyboard for movement. It is fun, hectic and utterly addictive. When it comes to releasing stress, nothing is more satisfying that landing massive flying kick that explodes the head of your target zombie.

Chaos Faction 2: Because Two Dimensional Brawls are Made of Win

It is finally here, Chaos Faction 2! Once more you get back into the fray as you engage in multidirectional combat face fighting against other limbless avatars. The battles have been improved greatly with more sensible combo systems and attacks that actually look like they will hurt. The animations have been improved but the character artwork looks a lot like the previous game. There is also a new level editor for those of you who want to play around with the game's beat-em-up system.

Power Fox: An Angry Man's Fighting Game

Normally, fighting games are plagued with a wide variety of confusing game mechanics that makes it hard for casual players to relate. Not everyone can understand the concept of chain combos, eight way runs, parries, countermoves, alpha combos and hundreds of pages worth of movelists. So if you are a casual player looking for an easy to play fighting game to alleviate some stress, then Power Fox is the game for you. You play the role of an angry fox, a boxing glove wielding mammal with a taste for blood, and take on a variety of enemies ranging from sentient bonsai to the third Reich himself. In combat, you can pick up a wide range of weapons such as bombs, guns, attack helicopters and more.

Dad n Me – Time to Make Your Father proud

This fun little beat-em-up brawlerfest places you in the shoes of the son who wants to walk in his dad’s footsteps. The only problem is that good ol’ dad’s footsteps are soaked in the blood of countless people he terrorized with a chainsaw. So what is a young adoring kid do to? Wear a mask and start beating up the kids in the neighborhood! Well, not exactly the heartwarming kind of game that you should recommend to unstable people, but for those days when you just need combo some kids into a bloody pulp, dad n me is a great game to boot up.

Election Slap – Send Them Offstage with the Palm of Your Hand

Are you tired of all the political hi-jinks and annoying speeches that politicians love to give? We bet you are, and so are we, after all, spoken promises can only go so far. So how about giving these familiar faces a much needed slap on the face? Election slap lets you swing your mouse away as you bash at the faces of famous political figures in the United States (it would be nice to have an international version of this). And if you lucky (or rich) enough to have an air-mouse, the sensation gets even more fun! This silly lighthearted slap game will tally up the speed of your slaps and lets you get through to the next stage if you send these silver tongued folks flying fast enough. Play Election Slap.

Rage 2 & 3 – Over the Top Combat

Stickman fights, gotta love them. Thanks to the simple nature of a stickman drawing, developers are able to concentrate on creating really good animations that will awe you in terms of complexity and realism. Anyway, Rage brings you back to that all too familiar concept of stickman fighting with the addition of insane weapons and an unrealistically fun rage meter that have you burning with a powerful fighting aura. This platformer-brawler will have you playing for hours on end and is plenty of fun if you want to imagine that you are beating the crap out of people who bother you a lot. Let your rage out now with Rage 2 or 3.

Fight Man: Xiao Xiao 9 – Fight Realism Takes to Your Desktop

Speaking of stickman combat, we must always tip our hats to the man behind the original series: Xiao Xiao. The series of animated videos has taken a new turn as flash interactivity has been added to the mix. Now you too can have your own fully animated stickman battles. The opponents are pretty tough in Xiao Xiao, and it will take all your energy trying to beat this game, but making it to the final boss and showing him that your stick-fists are stronger is always a great way to alleviate some stress from the day.

Crazy Flasher 3

This roughly animated combat game feels like an amateurish project at first, but after experiencing the amount of combat and mayhem it can deliver, one cannot help but admire the solid combat system that the game presents. There are already several games in the series, and all you need to do is to try them out. While the delivery does need a bit of improvement, the rest of the game plays really well, and the keyboard response is top-notch, perfect for delivering that adrenaline pumped moment when you are outnumbered and you turn the tides with some well placed violence - play the ultimate in beatemup's now - Play Crazy Flasher 3.

Portal Defenders

This silly looking game will have you playing as a couple of dudes fighting against random enemies coming out of portals. The combat is simple and easy –just one button presses and most of the fun comes from the sheer hilarity of the game; you use a spoon (or a fork) as a weapon and when you beat up enemies, their entrails, guts and brains will come spilling out (which you can pick up and eat to restore HP). In Portal Defenders there are plenty of Street Fighter references in many of the combat moves and even the final boss looks like he runs Shadowloo in his spare time. This game is a little challenging for casual players with the limited health pickups and lack of continues so expect to get a solid challenge if your gaming repertoire is a limited. Overall, the game is short, sweet and challenging, the perfect way to get the blood boiling further if your day has not gone so well.

Domo-kun’s Angry Smashfest: Even Domo-kun has His Days

Last in our list of impressively fun angry beat-em-up games is Domo Kun’s Angry Smashfest. We all know and love the ever familiar Domo-kun, and now we get to play him in one of his less than happier days by beating the crap out of everything that comes our way. This inherently violent little gem of the flash title will have you tapping away at the keyboard as you bash away at various enemies inspired by internet archetypes. Like the other brawlers on our list, the game has simple and responsive controls, it s nicely animated and there are a plethora of enemies to wreak havoc on!