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In the last two years, there are few things that have taken the world by storm as much as the Angry Birds games. What started out as a simple puzzle game has now turned into a global brand. Here, we will look at how it all started with the original Angry Birds.

Developed by Rovio Mobile, the original game is a puzzler in which you have to retrieve eggs by crashing your birds into green pigs. On the surface, this game sounds like one of the craziest, and in many ways the concept is, but in practice the game is addictive because each level is frustrating yet seemingly easy. This leaves those who play it thinking that they should be able to finish it, when the actuality is that a series of rather precise actions are required along with some luck.


The main characters of the game are various birds that you fire, all of which come in different shapes, sizes and colours. On the original game, these are the birds that are available:

  • Red - a small bird with no special features.
  • Giant Red - a bird that has no special features but is the biggest bird on the game so it will cause a lot of damage.
  • Small Blue Bird - when tapped splits into three smaller birds, all of which perform a minor amount of damage, but are very effective against ice structures.
  • Yellow - a bird that when tapped speeds up for a larger impact. This bird is mostly effective on wooden structures.
  • White - when tapped, these birds drop an egg which is very powerful on all structures.
  • Black - acts as a red bird until it hits a surface, once it strikes a surface the bird starts flashing until it explodes.
  • Green - the green bird is a boomerang type bird that when thrown will come back to you when you tap it. This bird is ideal for taking out pigs behind walls.

Alongside these types of birds, there are different pigs. The green pigs vary in size, and the larger they are the more force is needed to destroy them. Small pigs will be able to be destroyed with minimal force while a large pig with armour on will require a lot more force.


Angry Birds is separated into different levels and stages. Even though you may find a couple of levels easier further down the line, the game tries to work on an increasing difficulty level, which means that you should generally find the later levels harder.

Before starting every level you should work out what area you need to hit with what birds you have. However, then trying to strike that particular area is a whole different story because you physically have to drag your bird back and release it to try and hit the area for which you are aiming. Doing this once may not be hard, but when you have five different birds all of which need to be accurate the game becomes harder.


The game continues to be developed even to this day, which means that more levels are being released. However, as of November 2011 these stages are available:

  • Poached Eggs - 63 Levels
  • Mighty Hoax - 42 Levels
  • Danger Above, The Big Setup, Mine and Dine - 45 Levels
  • Ham 'Em High - 48 Levels (3 exclusive levels if you like the game on Facebook.)

On top of these 288 levels there is also a special feature entitled Golden Eggs. As you go through the game you may uncover eight special items, all of which open one bonus level.


With a multitude of awards and positive critical reviews, Angry Birds has made Rovio, a company that had a string of games behind them, multi-millionaires almost overnight.